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The "KSA" group in general

The "KSA" group is a group of private owned company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was established in 1991 in Jakarta Indonesia. The "KSA" group concentrates itself in the business of construction, local and overseas trading, instrumentation, steel fabrication, leafspring manufacturing and high pressure water cleaner assembling.

The company P.T. Kharisma Sejahtera Agung Jaya was later on formed by the group to accomodate its ever growing market. P.T. Kharisma Sejahtera Agung Jaya will take care and support in the assembling, marketing and after sales service.  

Vision and mission

Over the years with increasing business experience "KSA" group has built a concept of continuing investment opportunities and developed a new sight in natural resource base business by servicing in oil and gas industry, mining, environment and hydrological industry.

Our success is attributable to the "KSA" group commitment to pursue customer satisfaction. We believe that customer satisfaction is one of the most important elements in building a good business relationship. 

The "KSA" group is commited to continually give better and better services to our customer. Thus we continually develop and upgrade our ability in product development and maintenance capability. As a result we are able to give more than just good service to our customer, we give them solutions.

We at P.T. Kharisma Sejahtera Agung Jaya, as part of the "KSA" Group also shares its vision and mission.

KSA Building, Jl. Letnan Sutopo – BSD City Commercial Sector Blok III B 1 No. E1 Tangerang 15318 Indonesia
Telp. 62 – 21 – 5380001 (Hunting) Fax. 62 – 21 – 5379090 Email : iai@centrin.net.id